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Jo Parkes is a freelance dance artist, director and dance educator (D/UK). She creates participatory projects: installations, performances in public space, creative encounters, events and videos. She is founder and artistic director of Mobile Dance, an organisation which works with socially engaged, co-creative, participative dance.

This is the online presence for Jo's creative work as an artist, which sometimes (but not always) intersects with the work of Mobile Dance.

To find out more about the work of Mobile Dance you can visit the Mobile Dance website here:

Participatory and community dance work often involves intimate and fragile processes which do not belong in the public gaze. The videos which you see below give an insight into the work and hint at the many meetings, exchanges and processes behind the scenes, work which it is not appropriate to video or photograph to share publicly.

Jo Parkes/Mobile Dance (trailer)

Jo Parkes/Mobile Dance (trailer)

Jo Parkes/Mobile Dance (trailer)

The Walking Project trailer

Linked #1 and #2 (2019)

People in Motion (2019)

Letters from Wuppertal: Rathaus Barmen (2017)

Stronger (2017)

Durch unsere Mütter (2019)

Bauhaus and me (2019)

Linked #1 Trailer (2017)

Chemical Reactions - Postcards from Lina Morgenstern (2012)

Michel Department Store - Letters from Wuppertal (2015)

Mother (2015)

Home (2002)

Bauhaus Bewegt (2018)

Smoker's Corner - Postcards from Lina Morgenstern (2012)

From the Soil (2007)

TanzParty #9 (2017)

Tower - Postcards from Lina Morgenstern (2012)

Flak Tower - Postcards from Berlin (2009)

Fruit Pieces Trailer (2015)

The Return (2007)

Knotenpunkt (2009)

Between the Bricks (2011)

HYOUNG MIN on Tradition (2015)

ADNAN on Tradition (2015)

HUSSAIN on Tradition (2015)

ANTAR on Tradition (2015)

MICHAEL on Tradition (2015)

NICOLE on Tradition (2015)

AYSE on Tradition (2015)

NACIYE on Tradtion (2015)

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