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1998 - 2001



A Surivor's Guide to Ant Infestation

A 20-minute solo about killing. Performed at the University of California Los Angeles and the University of Utah and The Place studios, London.



Three Minute Birth

A 3-minute dance film about motherhood, broadcast on SlotArt - Channel Four.

Directed by Rachel Davies. Award winner – The American Dance Festival

What put this contemporary dance in a league of its own was the original fusion of spoken word and movement. There was a poetic simplicity about the sporadic bursts of words which underscored the powerful physicality of the dance.”

Suzanne Hope

Journal Leisure


…Parkes begins with dry, analytic postmodernism and warms it up with a rich mix of motion and emotion. Her solos with text – which she delivers in a wonderfully flat midlands accent – are extraordinarily intelligent and moving.

David Gere


Los Angeles


It’s funny, exciting, insightful, and immensely enjoyable….An eye-opener of a show!

Fringe Review


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