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A Life in Objects      In den Dingen - ein Leben

The piece

A Life in Objects (In den Dingen - ein Leben) is a 40-minute dance theatre piece for young audiences from the age of 8 created by Jo Parkes and Fiona Edwards.

The piece investigates the history of the lives of the three dancers through objects which have value to them. In our consumer society which objects have value? We worked with two generations of dancers: Alex B who has lived an itinerant life as a performer, Fidan Sirin who came to Germany at the age of 8, the daughter of a Kurdish refugee and Ben Hassan AL-Rim whose father is Syrian and his mother German. The younger dancers were chosen because their stories and concerns reflected those of the classes with whom we developed the project.

The initial creation of the piece and development of the workshops was funded by the Berliner Projektfonds kukturelle Bildung.

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