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Spaces Between

Spaces Between (2005) was a live performance project which formed part of a three year collaborative project with Newham Sixth Form College, CandoCo Dance Company and the education team at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Spaces Between was designed to chart the changing face of the Royal Festival Hall building as it underwent major renovation.


As artistic director of East London Dance’s Integrated Dance Company, Jo worked with 13 dancers aged 18 – 90 and collaborated with co-choreographers Laura Davies and Kelly Davidson to animate the Royal Festival Hall.


The piece explored the notion of transition in a building in transition. Dancers depicted the transitional moments in life – birth, marriage, parenthood and death and explored the transitional spaces in the building – the “spaces between”.


Costumes were designed and created by Louise West and students from NewVIc and music was created by Robert Wells and Femi Akinyemi.

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