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Knotenpunkt (Junction in the Road)


In 2008 Jo was invited by DIN A 13 dance company to create a site-specific integrated dance piece as part of the 2nd Crossings Dance festival in tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf. Crossings Dance Festival focuses upon work with disabled and non-disabled dancers and is a partnership between DIN A 13 and tanzhaus nrw.


From an idea by Gustavo Fijalkow and in partnership with the dancers, Jo created a dance piece at the Düsseldorf main station and on the train line connecting the station with the REHACARE trade fair.


Commuters at the station and on the trains witnessed dance interventions. They were offered headphones where they could listen to a specially composed soundtrack by John Blue.


At the REHACARE trade fair, people could watch a film of the performance in real time – timed so that the dancers completed the hour-long journey to the trade fair exactly as the film finished and then performed live.


The film was made by Gerhard Schick.

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