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In Residence: On Tradition


In 2015 the roles will be switched. In Ufer/Outside (2012) and On Beauty (2013), professional and non-professional dancers performed on Badstrasse. This year the performers will be the residents of Badstrasse. From March - September 2015 Parkes will work with a team of artists to create a video installation in the shop windows of Badstrasse. The team will create 12 video portraits of 12 people who work on Badstrasse. This years theme is: On Tradition. Which traditions are important in 2015 on Badstrasse? How do people take inherited traditions and adapt them for the context in which they live?  The exhibition will run for two weeks from September 5th 2015.


The project is developed and delivered in partnership with Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V. and funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste and the Kofinanzierungsfonds der Berliner Kulturverwaltung. 


The artist team collaborating on the project is: Sven O. Hill, Florian Bilbao, Sophie Brunner, Ayse Av and Rima Najdi.


In August 2014, Jo worked with filmmaker Sven O. Hill and creative producer Inge Koks to research On Tradition. This film is one outcome of the research.  It is a portrait of Jawdat Hussein and Mohamed Khodr from the fruit and vegetable shop Nahr El-Bared.




















Thanks to Tanzfabrik, Ufer Studios and Alliance Kulturstiftung for supporting the research phase of the project.


To read more about previous In Residence projects visit the pages In Residence: Ufer/Outside and In Residence: On Beauty









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